waffle_window, waffle_window_create, waffle_window_destroy, waffle_window_show, waffle_window_swap_buffers, waffle_window_get_native — class waffle_window


#include <waffle.h>

struct waffle_window;
struct waffle_window* waffle_window_create( struct waffle_window *config,
  int32_t width,
  int32_t height);
struct waffle_window* waffle_window_create2( struct waffle_window *config,
  const intptr_t attrib_list[]);
bool waffle_window_destroy( struct waffle_window *self);
bool waffle_window_show( struct waffle_window *self);
bool waffle_window_swap_buffers( struct waffle_window *self);
union waffle_native_window* waffle_window_get_native( struct waffle_window *self);


struct waffle_window

An opaque type.


Create a window with the properties specified by config.

If the platform allows, the window is not displayed onto the screen after creation. To display the window, call waffle_window_show().


Feature test macro: WAFFLE_API_VERSION >= 0x0106. (See waffle_feature_test_macros(7)).

Create a window with the properties specified by config and attrib_list. attrib_list must specify the window size either with the attributes WAFFLE_WINDOW_WIDTH and WAFFLE_WINDOW_HEIGHT having positive values <= INT32_MAX, or with the attribute WAFFLE_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN equal to true(1).


Destroy the window and release its memory.


Show the window on the display. If the window is already shown, or if the native platform does not support showing windows (such as GBM), then do nothing and returns true.


If the window is double-buffered, then implicitly call glFlush() and post the contents of the back buffer to the front buffer. If the window is front-buffered, then do nothing. For platform-specific details of swap semantics, see the specification for the relevant native platform: the GLX 1.4 Specification, the EGL 1.4 Specification, or the CGL Reference.


Get the window's underlying native objects. Use free(3) to deallocate the returned pointer. See waffle_native(3) for the definition of union waffle_native_window.

Return Value

Functions whose return type is bool return true on success and false on failure. Functions whose return type is a pointer return NULL on failure. Use waffle_error_get_info(3) to get information about any errors.


See waffle_error(3) for the complete list of waffle's error codes.

No errors are specific to the waffle_window functions.


Please report bugs or and feature requests to

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