waffle_wayland, waffle_wayland_display, waffle_wayland_config, waffle_wayland_context, waffle_wayland_window — Containers for underlying native Wayland objects


#include <waffle_wayland.h>

struct waffle_wayland_display {
    struct wl_display *wl_display;
    struct wl_compositor *wl_compositor;
    struct wl_shell *wl_shell;
    EGLDisplay egl_display;

struct waffle_wayland_config {
    struct waffle_wayland_display display;
    EGLConfig egl_config;

struct waffle_wayland_context {
    struct waffle_wayland_display display;
    EGLContext egl_context;

struct waffle_wayland_window {
    struct waffle_wayland_display display;
    struct wl_surface *wl_surface;
    struct wl_shell_surface *wl_shell_surface;
    struct wl_egl_window *wl_window;
    EGLSurface egl_surface;


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See Also

waffle(7), waffle_native(3)