waffle_get_proc_address — Query address of OpenGL functions


#include <waffle.h>
void* waffle_get_proc_address( const char *name);



On GLX, this redirects to glXGetProcAddress(3). On EGL, this redirects to eglGetProcAddress(3). On CGL, this function returns NULL because there exists no CGLGetProcAdress(). On WGL, this redirects to wglGetProcAddress(3).

Some aspects of this function's behavior are platform-specific and non-intuitive. For example,

  • If the queried function is not available, waffle_get_proc_address() may return a non-null pointer.

  • If the queried function is statically exposed by the OpenGL library of a given API, then waffle_get_proc_address() may return a NULL.

  • Under Windows (WGL) a current context must be available before executing the function. Otherwise waffle_get_proc_address() may return a NULL.

For details on this function's behavior, see the specification for the relevant platform: the GLX 1.4 Specification the EGL 1.4 Specification or the MSDN article.


See waffle_error(3) for the complete list of waffle's error codes.

No errors are specific to any functions listed in this manual page.


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See Also

waffle(7), waffle_dl_sym(3)